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ABOUT US : Why Robertson?

Robertson Building Systems' employees strive for total customer satisfaction, continually looking for ways to improve our products and services. Our employees have extensive knowledge of steel building systems and components solutions but, more importantly, are committed to ensuring our customers receive top-quality and best-performance products and solutions.

Founded in 1863, Robertson has 150 years of valuable growth-oriented experience in the construction industry. Our long history with steel building systems assures you that we have time-tested expertise in our industry and proficiency in developing creative building solutions.

We continue to test, assess and improve to ensure that our steel building systems and components consistently rank above accepted industry standards.

Every Robertson building component shipped to a construction site is of the very highest quality, so that your building can be assembled with ease as planned. As a result, the building can be occupied sooner; some estimates show time savings of as much as one-third that of conventional construction time, according to the MBMA.

In addition to saving construction time, Robertson buildings can withstand the ravages of weather, require little maintenance, last longer and can thereby provide a lower life-cycle building cost.

At Robertson, we understand that no one knows construction better than building contractors in their local markets. That’s why Robertson carefully selects qualified, independent design build contractors to be authorized Robertson Builders. An authorized Robertson Builder is a true construction professional dedicated to delivering a great building experience, every time.

Robertson supports authorized Robertson Builders with marketing programs, seminars and training sessions on a regular basis for continual improvement. A partnership with Robertson is a commitment to be the best.

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