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Authorized Builders

Advantages of the Robertson Authorized Builder Program

When you join Robertson’s Authorized Builder program, you are gaining a powerful advantage over the competition—you are aligning with a sophisticated brand with a passion for innovation and commitment to customer success. Our team collaborates with builders to create sophisticated, state-of-the-art building solutions throughout Canada and the US.

Our Authorized Builders have access to a wide variety of engineered steel buildings including a self-storage product line and the patented Long Bay® system. Additionally, Robertson Builders can choose from a vast product offering of metal building components including a wide variety of panels, cees and zees, trims and accessories for use in conventional construction, metal buildings or retrofit systems.

In addition, we offer our Builders:

    • Personalized Services
    • Opportunities
    • Leading Technology
    • Estimating Tools
    • Project Tracking
    • Support Teams
    • Continuing Education and Training

Authorized Builder Tools and Program Access

Authorized Robertson Builders have access to on-going training  and marketing support including professional literature and an advertising program. For higher complexity projects, myPortal by Robertson Building Systems is a new sophisticated online builder platform designed to unlock new opportunities to connect and collaborate – from planning to building and beyond. This platform combines several different programs including Builder’s Gateway and RBS.

Are you ready to become a part of a leading metal building company? 

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