Manufacturing and Industrial

As a manufacturer of custom-designed steel buildings, Robertson understands manufacturing needs. Our facilities can offer the space you require for any number of manufacturing and industrial operations. From a small simple building to a large, complex facility, our metal buildings provide these benefits:

  • Engineered building components are precision-fit, pre-planned, punched, drilled, and welded in the controlled environment of a Robertson production facility before being transported to your project site
  • Your engineered steel building can be designed to accommodate easy expansion as your business changes and grows
  • Minimal maintenance steel roofs with high insulation values can conserve energy while reducing operating and maintenance costs
  • Steel is a sustainable building material. The metal used in steel construction is 100% recyclable at the end of the building’s lifespan

All building components designed by Robertson are fabricated in our IAS accredited and CAN/CSA A660 certified manufacturing facilities.

Customizable & Versatile Manufacturing Buildings

Robertson Building Systems offers solutions in design flexibility and limitless scalability, which allows for changes and the ability to accommodate any unexpected growth. Increasing the capacity of an engineered building system is easily done by removing an end wall, adding additional frames, wall and roof panels, and finally reattaching the wall. 

A high quality, cost-efficient Robertson steel manufacturing building with column-free, open floor space allows versatility for optimal production layout and plenty of room for office space, maintenance, storage, loading, and receiving areas.

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