Mining projects are high stakes. Jobs, reputations, lives and more are riding on these projects. So, the buildings that house workers and the facilities that make the town need to last, far beyond the completion of the mining project. 

We specialize in metal buildings for the mining industry, providing durable steel systems that are designed to withstand harsh conditions in the most remote parts of Canada. Every steel building is customized to your required specifications, using high-quality, sustainable materials that exceed industry standards. Each building system is engineered to meet local building code requirements, and to ensure they perform for decades to come.

We’ve been supporting contractors and their complex building projects since 1863. We’ve seen it all. And we’re ready to bring that expertise and know-how to your next mining construction project.

Custom, metal buildings made for mining

We offer a range of roof and wall panel systems, and primary and secondary framing systems for you to customize your metal building. Whether you’re building a water treatment center or a warehouse, we can engineer custom solutions to meet your specific needs. 

And to round out your projects, we also provide soffits and underhung canopies and several accessories like louvers, windows, curbs, and more, that all offer a full range of design capabilities to make each building unique.

For extremely demanding climates, our innovative  Robertson Thermal System (RTS), offers incredible energy efficiency and a clean, finished interior aesthetic. Used for both new and retrofit construction, the RTS is the most cost-effective way to add more R-value to your buildings.