Robertson Framing Systems

Robertson Building Systems offers complete metal building frame systems, which include primary and secondary framing and building bracing. Robertson's steel building frames work for both new construction and retrofit projects. Each framing system is custom engineered to meet local building code requirements.

Primary Systems

Robertson offers primary metal building frames in three main categories: Clear Span, Multi-span, and Lean-to. Our primary framing acts as a single unit after assembly that will support the load of the finished structure while transferring the weight to the foundation.

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Secondary Systems

Robertson has a generous selection of secondary structural shapes, sizes, and gauges to fit your every need. Secondary structural framing includes purlins and girts (cee and zee profiles), eave struts, base angles, clips, and other miscellaneous structural parts, which are the members that support the wall and roof panels.

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Building Bracing

Robertson’s building bracing systems transfer seismic and wind loads from endwalls and sidewalls to the foundation.

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