Commercial and Office Buildings

Robertson has the solution to help you build a cost-effective, functional, and beautiful commercial or office building. There are countless design possibilities available with a wide selection of exterior panel types, finishes, and colors. Types of commercial and office buildings Robertson has experience with include office complexes, single- and multi-story office buildings.

A Robertson building can include space for many different commercial and office functions:

  • Meeting and conference rooms
  • Open concept offices
  • Storage spaces
  • Server rooms
  • Loading dock areas
  • Cafeteria/employee lounge spaces


Custom Steel Office & Commercial Buildings

Robertson offers design flexibility and limitless scalability, allowing for change and the ability to accommodate any unexpected growth. Increasing the capacity of an engineered building system is easily done by removing an end wall, adding additional frames, wall and roof panels, and finally reattaching the wall 

For further customizations, we can design hybrid buildings that integrate materials such as glass, stone, and masonry with steel. Robertson is your single source for custom metal office building solutions that balances function and aesthetics. 

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