How Metal Buildings Can Help Your Cannabis Business Grow

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When cannabis became legal in Canada in October 2018, government authorized retailers of recreational cannabis have consistently been out of stock due to lack of supply. If you’re thinking of starting a cannabis growth facility, read on for reasons why a metal building is the best choice:



Metal buildings are innately able to handle the consistent intense humidity that is required in the cultivation process. High-strength steel is also able to withstand the rigors of other extreme weather, including wind, rain, and snow. Furthermore, it does not support the growth of mold and is resistant to rust and decay, assuring owners that their metal building will stand the test of time.


structural steel

A metal building is an excellent choice for a cannabis growth facility



Large clear span space

As cannabis requires a long time to mature and doesn’t allow for much rotation of crops, ample space is required for more growth. Metal buildings can support column-free interiors of large, unobstructed, clear span space to support crops, water storage, processing facilities, product storage, and office space. Cannabis growth also relies heavily on intelligent lighting that simulates natural sunlight, and the essential load specifications can be easily detailed to accommodate these requirements.


Quick construction time

The components of a custom designed metal building are made to order and arrive to site pre-punched, drilled, and ready for assembly. This pre-planning results in fewer job delays and quicker construction time, which yields a significant erection reduction of approximately 33% compared to other methods of construction. Along with shortened erection time comes decreased costly labour hours as well as a fast completion date, allowing the owner to move in, commence operations, and ultimately turn a profit sooner.


Cost efficiency

An investment in a metal building is extremely cost effective and, as mentioned, will save you money in the initial costs associated with installation and labour. Every building owner considers facility maintenance costs and lifespan for the long-run, and this is where metal buildings have yet another advantage over conventional methods of construction. Metal buildings are virtually maintenance free; metal walls and sloped metal roofing are self-cleaning and require little upkeep, leading to low operating costs.


The components of metal buildings are also perfect for cannabis growth facilities. Both single skin panels and insulated metal panels (IMPs) are ideal for weathertightness and innately resist mold, rust, and fire. Further to this, IMPs are composed of an advanced mineral wool core between the panel faces which provides buildings with increased insulation that significantly reduces heating and cooling costs.


Easy expansion of your building

Metal building solutions offer design flexibility and limitless scalability, which allows for changes and the ability to accommodate any unexpected expansion of your business. Increasing the length of an engineered building system is easily done by removing an end wall, adding additional frames, wall, and roof panels, and finally reattaching the wall.


So if you are planning on designing and building your growth facility, a custom engineered metal building is the perfect solution that will meet your needs and budget in a quick and affordable way.


Robertson provides metal buildings for a wide variety of end uses in multiple industries. Check out our project gallery to see photos of the some of the metal buildings we have helped make a reality.