Missing or Incorrect Materials Slowing Down Your Job? This Could Prevent It.

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Missing or Incorrect Materials


Missing or incorrect materials arriving to site are a nightmare that can cause major issues for your job timeline. The best way to prevent this is by comparing your Robertson order to your contract documents—i.e. architectural drawings, specifications, and sales contract—as soon as you can.


Dan Sweeney

Guest Blogger: Dan Sweeney, Field Services Supervisor at Robertson Building Systems


Here’s Why It’s So Important

Engineering and Drafting use the Robertson order to design and detail the project. The Robertson order is written by Customer Service through clarification with the Builder. If the order in any way does not fit the needs of the building project, it is often unknown until the steel is shipped and arrives on site. At that point, the building schedule may be pushed out to wait for revised design, additional material, and/or new drawings.



Since the Builder is the only person with the complete and full knowledge of the project, it is best not to assume we know or can see all factors required by reviewing the drawings. Even though we help develop the order, we are not included in changes or addendums released to the contract documents during the process of the project that may be required. By being the second and third party, there could be things lost in the translation. Therefore, it is best to check the Robertson order as soon as it is completed to make sure everything you may need for your building project is included.


What If There Are Missing or Incorrect Materials on the Order?

In the case that you notice missing materials or incorrect materials on your Robertson order, contact Field Services immediately. We’ll work to revise contracts and plans to make sure you get exactly what is needed for your job to be executed flawlessly. By taking proactive measures and making sure your order is correct ensures that your job will go according to plan.


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