Protect Your Metal Roof Against Excessive Snowfall

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When winter comes, weight comes.  We’re not referring to your waistline (although that happens too).  We’re talking about the weight on your metal roof from excessive snowfall.


Structures are individually designed to bear specific loads.  As the winter turns blustery and wet, an excessive snowfall could increase the load on your roof and create an overload condition, which could create serious damage to your building.  The Ontario Ministry of Labour (MoL) highly recommends consulting with a structural engineer and initiating snow removal during these excessive snowfalls or when a roof shows signs of distress.


Here are a few safety precautions to remember when clearing away snow accumulation:


  • Remove snow in a balanced manner as much as possible
  • Give extra care around roof panels, and mechanicals, and/or fasteners to prevent damage
  • Never use metal tools or snow blowers in the removal
  • When possible, use draglines and other means to remove snow and keep personnel off the roof
  • If the building has a skylight/light transmitting panel (LTP), be aware of their location since the snow may conceal them; do not step directly on skylights/LTPs or in the areas adjacent


For more information on snow removal, you can consult our Metal Building Maintenance Manual.  If you have questions about your specific structure, get in touch with us.  We’re here to answer any questions you have as you prepare for the coming winter season and excessive snowfall.