The Robertson Long Bay System®: Revolutionizing Steel Building Design

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The Robertson Long Bay System®: Revolutionizing Steel Building Design

Robertson Building Systems has brought forth a solution that caters to projects demanding large spaces with open floor plans: the patented Long Bay® System (LBS). When it comes to delivering uninterrupted space along with the advantage of a considerable architectural design flexibility, LBS stands out. 

Understanding the Long Bay System

The LBS relies on the open web truss secondary framing, an ingenious design choice that offers dual benefits. Firstly, it provides strong roof support. Secondly, it considerably reduces the time taken for the installation of mechanical and electrical systems. With compatibility across multiple wall and roofing systems, LBS extends the construction design potential to a significant degree. Furthermore, this system finds perfect application in manufacturing, distribution, and retail & community spaces that require expansive interior spaces. 

In the dynamic realm of construction, where unexpected challenges are not uncommon, the Robertson Building Systems team offers a unique advantage. We possess direct control over the design, fabrication, and scheduling for LBS, ensuring that inconsistencies and potential delays to the jobsite are minimized. This level of control ushers in a streamlined process throughout the entire building design and erection phase. Notably, from an engineering standpoint, LBS presents a commendable alternative to the traditional 12″ Z-purlins. While Z-purlins often need to be longer than the bay, causing potential handling issues, LBS can be precisely the size of the bay. Furthermore, based on specific codes and loads, the weight per foot of LBS can be lighter than a Z-purlin. This can lead to cost savings and also reduce labor requirements due to its ease of handling. 

The design intricacies of the LBS present another merit. Instead of the traditional welding, Long Bay purlins are bolted to the rafter. This method slashes the horizontal bridging by a significant 50% as compared to a bar joist. Moreover, instead of welding, horizontal bridging is achieved using self-drilling screws. An added advantage of bolting is the feasibility it offers to the erector. Materials can be connected on-ground and lifted in sections during the installation phase, leading to noticeable labor cost savings. This not only accelerates the project speed but also elevates on-site safety standards. 

When it comes to size specifications, the LBS offers flexibility, available in bays ranging from 40’ to 60’. The LBS patented geometry creates lateral stability in a lightweight design that’s easier to erect than a traditional bar joist, while easily interfacing with load-bearing masonry or tilt-wall constructions for a faster, precise installation. The result? A structure that is easy to manage, maneuver, and erect, without the issues of warp or sweep. 

Distinctive Features of the Long Bay System

  • Size Range: Offered in bays of 40’ up to 60’. 
  • Attachments: Features bolted end seat attachments. 
  • Build: LBS members come with a solid top surface, which simplifies the attachment of other components. This design contrasts sharply with traditional bar joists, which feature a void in the top surface. When using bar joists, installers must ensure that any fasteners penetrate the solid angle bar, avoiding the open void, a process that can add complexity and potential pitfalls to the installation. Additionally, LBS is both stiffer and lighter than traditional bar joists, providing further advantages in construction. 
  • Composition: Fabricated from light-gauge cold-rolled steel having a 4″ chord width and a seat depth of 5″. 
  • Compatibility: Harmonizes with mechanically seamed standing seam metal roof systems, B Deck, Built-Up, Single-Ply, and Multi-Ply roofing systems; web patterns available to accommodate ESFR sprinkler systems. 


Benefits of Using Long Bay System

  • Cost Efficiency: Notable savings from reduced foundation costs and simplified erection. 
  • Design Flexibility: Fewer footings and interior columns, compatible with multiple wall and roofing systems. 
  • Handling: Easy to handle, move around, and erect without any warp or sweep. 
  • Assembly: Panels use self-drilling screws and have the capability to bolt to the mainframe, eliminating field welding. 
  • Construction Ease: Efficiently interfaces with load-bearing masonry or tilt-wall construction and assures a faster, more precise installation. 


The Long Bay System: A Masterpiece in Open-Concept Designs

LBS from Robertson Building Systems signifies a marriage of innovation and efficiency. It’s a sophisticated solution tailored for complex open-concept designs. Entrusted by countless Canadian experts, it is reshaping the standards of steel building designs. 

For those who wish to delve deeper, we recommend downloading our comprehensive Long Bay® brochure. Experience the future of steel building with Robertson’s Long Bay System®.