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Lunch & Learn Sessions

We offer lunch & learn sessions approved by the AIA for architects.  We offer lunch and learns that are eligible for continuing education credits. Fill out the form below to arrange a session.

See below for the seminars we offer:

Metal Building Systems

There is a common misconception that metal buildings are unattractive, boxy structures that are solely used for utilitarian warehouses and rusty barns. However, with the advancement of design capabilities and progressive product solutions, metal buildings are now at the forefront of design in all industries.

This course will discuss the versatility in design and retrofit capabilities as well as the durability, longevity, sustainability, and energy efficiency of metal buildings. Additionally, we will cover why metal is an economical solution for end users and how it offers quicker go-to-market times than other construction materials. We will also discuss the numerous structural framing members and architectural details necessary for proper design of metal buildings.


Envelope-Based Solutions for Metal Buildings

ASHRAE 9.01, the IECC and other building energy codes, standards, guidelines, and rules are adopted as part of the larger body of building codes and must be satisfied as a condition for approval to construct and occupy buildings.

This course will discuss the impact of more stringent and closely regulated building energy standards and codes on the building process–specifically, as they affect the building envelope for metal buildings. We will consider some of the challenges in adhering to the codes and we will also help identify solutions and compliance tools, products, and resources that help projects meet code requirements and gain the associated energy benefits.



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