Tuff Wall® and Tuff-Cast™ Panel

Tuff Wall® and Tuff-Cast™ Panels

The Tuff Wall® and Tuff-Cast™ panels are designed for exterior applications where an aggregate look is preferred. The exterior skin of the panel is embossed flat, while the interior skin has the embossed Light Mesa profile. These products offer an aggregate finish with the thermal efficiency of an insulated metal panel, and a durable finish that is highly resistant to impact and abrasion. As an insulated metal panel, this product utilizes concealed clips and eliminates thermal short circuits, and offers easy and fast installation, with reduced construction labor cost. Includes a 10-year limited warranty.


Applications: Wall (Vertical or Horizontal)

Coverage Widths: 36", 42"

Thicknesses: 2", 2½", 3", 4", 5"*, 6"*

Lengths: 8'-0" to 32'-0" for horizontal textured 8'-0" to 40'-0" for vertical textured

Attachment: Concealed fastening system

Insulation Material: Non-CFC foamed-in-place polyurethane foam cured to achieve a minimum density of 2.2 pounds

Accessories: Fasteners, sealants, standard and custom trim

Exterior Gauge: 24 (standard); 22 (optional)

Interior Gauge: 26 (standard); 24, 22 (optional)

Exterior Finishes: Tuff Wall® or Tuff-CastTM

Interior Finishes: Embossed, light Mesa profile Exterior Coatings: Applied Finishes

Colour Options: