Ultra-Dek®  Panels

Ultra-Dek® Panels

Ultra-Dek® is a metal standing seam roofing product attached by using a variety of concealed, interlocking clips that provide for minimum panel penetrations. This panel offers a snap-together sidelap seam and saves the rental cost of a mechanical electric seamer. This panel is recommended for use in non-snow regions. This panel can be used on new construction as well as retrofit on existing structures. Ultra-Dek is designed to provide a high degree of weathertightness and has been tested by independent laboratories in accordance with ASTM E283 and E331 (for air infiltration and water penetration). This panel is designed to allow for the roof to be finished in the “high” when an out-of-square condition or other factors cause the roof to terminate up to 4” out of module.


Applications: Roof

Coverage Widths: 18″, 24″

Minimum Slope: 1/4:12

Panel Attachment: Concealed Fastening System; Low, High, Fix and Sliding

Gauges: 24 (standard); 22

Finishes: Smooth (standard); Embossed (optional)

Coatings: Galvalume Plus®, Signature® 200, Signature® 300, Signature® 300 Metallic

Installation: Begins and ends in the high, reducing the risk of leakage at the rake that can occur when finishing in the low.

Ratings: Qualifies for use in several UL design assemblies and carries a UL “Class A” fire rating.

Colour Options: