Secondary Framing

Robertson has a generous selection of secondary structural shapes, sizes, and gauges to fit your every need. Secondary structural framing includes purlins and girts (cee and zee profiles), eave struts, base angles, clips, and other miscellaneous structural parts, which are the members that support the wall and roof panels.

Secondary Systems


A wall structure that is a horizontal structural member that attaches to the sidewall or endwall columns and supports paneling.


A purlin is a horizontal structural member in a framed wall that provides lateral support to the roof panels to resist wind loads.

Eave Struts

An eave strut is a structural member located at the eave of a building that supports the roof and wall paneling and may act as a strut to transfer bracing loads to frames.

Long Bay®

The patented Long Bay® System provides up to 60-ft. of unobstructed column-free spaces to maximize open floor space for design flexibility. Open web truss sub-frames simplify the installation of mechanical and electrical systems and provide roof support. Available with tapered or straight interior columns; sidewall columns may not be necessary for buildings that include completely load-bearing walls. Compatible with tilt-wall or pre-cast concrete, EIFS and curtain wall assemblies, masonry, brick and insulated or single-skin metal wall panels, Long Bay® buildings may be ordered with a Robertson standing seam roof or can be used with B-deck for a built-up or single-ply roof.