Co-op Marketing Program

Robertson’s Co-op Marketing Program is designed to incentivize our Authorized Builders to grow their business by marketing their brand. Through this program, Robertson will support your marketing efforts by subsidizing a fraction of your total marketing spend for a calendar year.

Take advantage of the cash back and invest it back in your business. Whether you invest in print or digital advertising, apparel for your team or promotional items for your customers, the investment will be well worth it.

You can claim co-op at any time of the year and it will be paid out according to your year-to-date.

Determining Co-op Dollars

Reimbursements are based on ½ of 1% of all steel shipments during the co-op period, with a maximum reimbursement of $5,000.

Claiming Your Co-op Reimbursement

If you elect to save your co-op reimbursement until the end of the year (December 31), you will have a three month grace period to claim those funds. This means that your standing deadline to claim co-op based on the previous year shipping dollars will be the end of March.

To claim your co-op reimbursement, you will be required to complete an on-line form on the next page. The form will allow you to upload your documents including receipts, images and pictures of your purchases. Please remember that invoices must show a zero balance otherwise they do not qualify as proof of purchase.

Program Requirements

Every marketing buy and tactic must include Robertson’s Authorized Builder logo. This includes promotional items, apparel, advertising, signage, stationery and any other eligible item you intend to submit for co-op reimbursement.

Any project(s) featured in advertisements, billboards, job site signage or other printed or digital material must be a Robertson project otherwise the expense will not qualify for co-op reimbursement.

Your account must be current, active and in good standing to qualify for co-op reimbursement. Your co-op request with complete documentation (pictures, receipts, etc.) must be submitted no later than the last business day in March.

* Please note: eligible, unused co-op dollars will not roll over past the deadline.

Items and Tactics Eligible for Co-op Reimbursement

• Advertising: Newspapers, local/trade magazines, billboards, digital advertising
• Events: display booths, promotional items, brochure printing
• Business collateral: business cards, envelopes, labels, direct mail
• Misc.: job site signage, professional photography and video of joint projects
• New additions: website production and trade show booth space

Items Not Eligible for Co-op Reimbursement

• Ad design and production fees
• Sponsorships of community events including golf tournaments, festivals and fundraisers including donations and contributions
• Website hosting fees
• Any item or tactic displaying other manufacturer logos becomes ineligible for co-op

Documentation Required For Co-op Reimbursement

• Proof of purchase such as paid invoices, receipts, etc.
• Copy/picture/image of each item purchased