2019 Robertson Builder Meeting Recap | Focused on YOU!

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Sometimes mixing work with play is necessary.  That was the case when we celebrated our Robertson Builders in Jamaica last month.


From February 14th to the 19th, we traveled to Montego Bay, Jamaica to play host to Builders and their families at Hilton Rose Hall Resort & Spa, the most attractive, family-friendly, all-inclusive resort in Jamaica.



If you’re thinking you missed out on an amazing time (which you did) or if you just want to relive it all, you can check out all the pictures on the Builder Login area of our website (you’ll need your Robertson Builder username, password, and customer number to view them).


Despite all the fun-in-the-sun and the tropical backdrop we enjoyed during our time at Jamaica, including events like the lively welcome reception and an unforgettable Jamaican Beach Party with live music and dancing, we never lost sight that we were at a business meeting.


Business Sessions


Bright and early on the first day of our business session, Vice President of Robertson, Bob Patterson, set the tone of the meeting by formally welcoming our Builders and guests, providing an informative business and economic update, as well as outlining the direction of Robertson’s future. He also introduced the theme of the meeting, “Focused on YOU!”  The message was simple: Robertson’s future is focused towards getting closer and strengthening our partnerships with each and every builder we have. 




Our Regional Sales Manager, James Austin, then provided an Update on Sales, Marketing, and Business Development. Next, NCI Vice President of Manufacturing, Barry Ivy, discussed the development and innovations that Manufacturing will implement, which will undoubtedly create a smoother process from start to finish.


We were also privileged to present a project spotlight on Marcovecchio Construction Ltd. and their impressive Sellick project. The video can be viewed on our website. (Keep an eye out for a cameo from a familiar face!)


On the second day of our business session, we were pleased to introduce Kevin Davis from Topline Leadership, who delivered an informative presentation on customized sales training for the metal building industry and Robertson Builders. The general feedback from everyone was that this training was much needed and relevant to our business, as we delve into new market segments and industries for metal buildings.


Breakout Session


Following the sales training, Bob began the breakout session by providing further insight into market research surrounding our new value proposition and what it means to be supporting our Builders in an “Expert Marketplace.”


In essence, our customers in the Expert Seeker segment rely on us for our reputation, knowledge, expertise, and capabilities in the metal building industry, where we are in a unique position to provide them with many different integrated product solutions and we are able to provide the best solution for each of our builder’s projects.  Our leading-edge design tools and technology enable us to get things done, from planning to build and beyond.


The breakout session was one of our most successful elements of the 2019 Builders Meeting.  The Builders were provided with seven common challenges in their marketplaces and were given the opportunity to tackle these issues as a group and bring them back to Bob for review.  His summary generated compelling roundtable discussions amongst the Builders, which answered questions about their personal views and thoughts on our new “Exper Seeker” value proposition.  Concurrently, Bob held “fireside chats” with representatives from each table to better understand the needs of the marketplace, clarifying definitions, and answering their specific questions.


The information shared as well as the solution provided strengthened our Robertson and Builder Network partnership and gave us clear goals to accomplish in 2019.


The business portions of our meeting concluded with Bob and James and the Robertson tradition “$20 for Orders” practice where Builders are invited to submit orders to us—whether they be written on a paper printout or scribbled on a cocktail napkin—in exchange for a $20 bill. The excitement from the group resulted in a flurry of new business that promises a busy year ahead.


If you are interested in obtaining any of the material presented, send us an email and we’ll get that right over to you.


Robertson Builder Awards Gala


The Robertson Builder Awards Gala took place on Friday evening, where Builders were recognized for their hard work, achievements, and successes throughout 2018.


Awards recognized each of the Top Builders by District, Outstanding Builder, Million Dollar Awards, President’s Club Cumulative (where we introduced two new members), and the highly coveted Top Builder of the Year. These awards are distinctions reserved only for the very best Builders that demonstrated excellence in their business.


While Outstanding Builder Awards and Million Dollar Awards recognize Builders who have generated $500,000 and at least $1 Million dollars in sales in a single calendar year alone, the Top Builders by District are ranked #1 in their respective territories, while Builder of the Year outranks even this prestigious distinction.


For 2018, Robertson was proud to recognize Powerhouse Management Group LLC from Langley, BC as the Builder on the Year.


For a full list of the award winners, click on the thumbnail below:



We are honoured to have hosted this event and want to thank those who attended, where we had an opportunity to celebrate our Builders and give you the well-deserved recognition you deserve. We extend a special thanks to our Vendor Partners who joined us in Jamaica; their generous sponsorship helped make the meeting a success.


We are committed to the success of our Robertson Builders in 2019 and look forward to seeing you at the next Robertson Builder Meeting.


Thanks for a great event!