Long Bay is offered in bays from 40′ to 60′. It is flexible in design with less bridging, can bolt to the main frame and is stiffer and lighter than a traditional bar joist. Long Bay interfaces with loadbearing masonry or tilt-wall construction and offers a faster, more precise installation. It is easy to handle, maneuver and erect with no warp or sweep. Download our Long Bay® brochure for more information.

The single-source design, fabrication and schedule control eliminates inconsistencies and interruptions during the entire building design and erection process. Additionally, Long Bay purlins are bolted to the rafter rather than welded, requiring 50% less horizontal bridging than a bar joist. Horizontal bridging is attached with self-drilling screws instead of welding as with a typical bar joist. Bolting also allows the erector to connect materials together on the ground and lift in sections during installation. This produces substantial labor cost savings, improves on-site safety and increases speed to market.

The Long Bay System utilizes open web truss secondary framing, delivering roof support and shortening the installation time for mechanical and electrical systems. Compatible with multiple wall and roofing systems, Long Bay provides you with additional flexibility in construction design. Long Bay is also perfectly suited for manufacturing, distribution and large retail applications.

Robertson’s patented Long Bay® System (LBS) is the ideal solution for wide span steel building projects requiring large areas of space with an open floor plan design, delivering uninterrupted space while allowing for ample architectural design flexibility.