Robertson & Holladay: A True Partnership Video

Robertson Building Systems has teamed up with Holladay Construction Group to provide a significant competitive advantage in the construction of the Grand Park Indoor Sport and Recreation Facility, a 400-acre sports campus in Westfield, Ind. in 2016.   The facility was completed after 14 months of construction and is the largest indoor soccer center in the world. This video showcases their partnership on this project.


Chris Wilkes From day one, everyone involved in this project knew that this building was going to be one of a kind in the world.

We all knew that our names and our brands were going to be associated with this building, and…everybody involved from Robertson, Holladay Properties, Holladay Construction…we always have our reputation and brand associated with any building, but this one just had an added heaviness to that, and it brought out the best in all of us.

Joel Grace We really pride ourselves on the ability to work with a partner in our builders, such as Holladay Construction Group.

We need those partnerships in order to create amazing structures like this because we rely on that builder in order to give us the direction and in order to make it happen.

Daniel Sweeney I’m very proud of the end result that we’ve come up with now.  I’m very proud of Holladay Construction Group and their subtrades for how they’ve handled the project and how quickly it’s been put up.

That’s 377,000 square feet.  It’s a large building, and they dealt with a lot of different elements.

John Phair [From] hearing their story, and how closely we worked with them, and their designers and our designers exchanging information, we learned a lot about the steel business from them.

The relationship between Robertson’s design team and the Holladay construction team made this really work, get it right, finish it on time, and finish it on budget.  There had to be a tremendous amount of coordination and a respect amongst the different parties.

Daniel Sweeney In working on this project with Holladay, they were very professional in documenting items that did come up and needed assistance with.  That communication line was wide open and I feel that’s what helped this project move forward.  Everybody was wanting this project to get started; everybody was so excited to see this thing go up that they poured their all into it.
Tim Helton It never ceases to amaze me how our employees and our partners can literally just be so committed and sacrifice so much of their time and effort and talents across the board to provide support.

When you get into something like this project—or others that haven’t been done before—people tend to come together.  They want to be a part of it; they all have pride in it.  At the end of the day it’s successful.

Joel Grace The way that we run our business is to run with a true partnership and make sure that their successes are really our successes.
Chris Wilkes In other parts of the country, if there are other communities that want to build this, you can point to that it has been done, and I would think that the team of Robertson and Holladay would be well positioned to pursue those opportunities.
Daniel Sweeney Working with Holladay on this project has been a pleasure.  I’m honoured to be part of a project like this, it being the only one of its kind in North America, and to say I’ve been a part of it—it’s an honour.
Chris Wilkes It was team effort in the most impactful way, from Robertson.  It was just an amazing project.  I really can’t put it into words, in truth.  I’m just, again, so proud.