Grand Park Events Center | Holladay Construction

Grand Park Makes its Mark with a Metal Facility Expansion

By Rachel Mercado

Westfield, Indiana is home to Grand Park Sports Campus, a 400-acre sports facility that features 26 baseball diamonds and 31 multipurpose fields for soccer, rugby, field hockey, and lacrosse. In 2016, the Grand Park Events Center was added to this impressive lineup.

Holladay Construction Group was contracted to construct the facility, and they officially broke ground on the complex at Grand Park in May 2015. Designed by Holladay’s internal team of architects, the 377,560-sq. ft. complex includes three full-sized soccer fields spanning a total of seven acres that can adapt to suit the needs of many other sports and events.

To make the exterior of the facility visually striking, Holladay architects developed a design that used Tuff-Cast™ and Tuff Wall® insulated metal wall panels in an aesthetically-pleasing, alternate-pattern design.


The immense structure—with a width of 810 feet, a depth of 365 feet, and a height to the peak of 80 feet—required over 5,000,000 pounds of steel (or 200 truckloads) to construct. The building features a standard purlin roof structure that uses the Double-Lok® standing seam roof system. The Double-Lok® roof system used over 90,000 fasteners to secure the standing seam clips. Robertson also provided PBR single-skin panels for the walls and incorporated mezzanine. Additionally, an engineered steel Flex Center is included in this building. The Flex Center covers 28,782 square feet and includes offices, a commercial kitchen, a bar, and a lounge.

A completion date for Grand Park Events Center was set for June 2016, but Holladay was able to beat this forecast and delivered the project 7 days early and under budget within $500.

In September 2016, Robertson Building Systems and Holladay Construction Group received the Award of Excellence for the Grand Park Events Center from Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. This is the highest award recognized and given by the association.

UPDATE: The Grand Park Sports Center was renamed to The Westfield Campus in 2017