Robertson Grand Park Indoor Recreational Facility Video

Robertson was involved in building the 377,560 sq-ft superstructure of Grand Park Indoor Soccer and Recreational Facility in Westfield, Indianapolis. This video showcases the abilities and customer-oriented attitude of the talented staff at Robertson.


Joel Grace Robertson Building Systems was involved in creating the superstructure of this building.  What that entails is all the primary framing that is in here to hold up the secondary structure, which is gonna be your purlins, your girts, things that are gonna hold the skin of the building on.
Dan Sweeney This project definitely showcases Robertson’s abilities and the talented people we have in our four walls.  We definitely have all of the assets at Robertson to build these buildings everyday.
Joel Grace Everyday whenI go to work, I think about my family and the way that they interact with structures, so it’s at the forefront of the way that I engineer things.  

It’s inherent in my nature to wonder how a building is made and wonder how it services the families of the individuals that are going to be utilizing it.

Dan Sweeney What allows me to do my job so well is that I used to put steel up for eight years in the field.  I was the guy on the ground, towards the end of my career, reading blueprints, so I have a great understanding as to what the guy on the other end of the phone is going through.
Joel Grace We really pride ourselves in the ability to work with a partner in our Builders.  We need those partnerships in order to create a facility like this because we rely on that Builder in order to give us the direction in order to make it happen.
Dan Sweeney The customer service is there: 7 days a week, if need be, 24 hours a day, my phone’s on.  That’s what stands apart from any of our competitors—our customer service that we provide to our Builders and their subtrades in the field.
Joel Grace It’s that ability to take something, whether it be a napkin or a sketch on a piece of paper, and turn it into a 40,000 square foot facility.  That’s what my passion is.  That’s the reason I got into this industry.